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At Super. Black., we celebrate black superheroes, championing representation in pop culture. Join us as we explore their impactful journeys and groundbreaking stories through engaging podcasts, captivating videos, and thought-provoking articles.

Uniting fans, creators, and enthusiasts, we strive to uplift, educate, and entertain, honoring the legacy and contributions of black superheroes. Discover the beauty of diversity in pop culture, where every voice, story, and hero matters. Welcome to The Black Superhero Platform.

Why do so many Black superheroes have electricity powers?

We explore the trope of Black superheroes with electricity powers. Why is it so prevalent, and is that a bad thing?

Black Superheroes In Comics

If there is one thing we love (and by we I mean me) is comics. Reading a compelling adventure staring a Black or BIPOC lead is an all-time favorite pastime. Super. Black. covers comics with Black leads and the stories they tell. Original graphic stories staring powerful characters of color remains a pillar of representation in pop culture.


Black superheroes in video games

Video games with Black leads are few and far between, but the ones that exist are great entries in representation. Masterpieces like Deathloop or sprawling RPG’s like Assassins Creed Origins offer Black and Brown gamers a chance to play as someone who looks like them. The interactive storytelling that video games provide is unmatched, and playing as a that looks like you makes the journey much more engaging.

Black Girl Magic: Black Female Superheroes!

The plethora of Black female superheroes and pop culture leads grows every day. Comics like Abbott and X-Men Red as well as games like The Gunk and Deathloop feature women of color absolutely kicking everyones ass. Powerful women of color doing powerful things.

Learn more about Black female superheroes below!


Did You Know?

We scoured the internet for these fun facts about your favorite Black superheroes. Come back for more Black Superhero Trivia!


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