Gotham Knights and Duke Thomas: The Missing Robin

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Gotham Knights and Duke Thomas: The Missing Robin

No more side kicks. Time to be heroes.

Gotham Knights by WB Games Montréal was announced during DC’s FanDome 2020, the virtual DC Comics centric convention. Spoilers, Batman’s dead and it’s the Bat Family’s time to shine. This new action game puts players in the shoes of Batgirl, Red Hood, Robin and Nightwing as they protect Gotham City (yet again) while Batman is super dead. For however long that is this time.

Gotham Knights needs Duke Thomas

Drop the bright red for bright yellow

One missing Robin that I would have loved to see included is Duke Thomas, a.k.a Robin, a.k.a Signal. As we have seen before, the black heroes are usually DLC, skins or reactions in these superhero themed games. Here, we find the black Robin left out again. I understand he isn’t the most popular Robin but it would still be cool to give him some shine. How else will people know of his awesomeness if he isn’t shown anywhere. Same goes for Batwing, but that’s another article and a different episode.

If you are interested in Signal, check out his origins in the great series We Are Robin. A story of yet another crappy Gotham without a Batman. This time, a group of young toughs don the Red and Yellow to form a network of rebel Robin’s. You will come out the other end wanting a sweet Robin leather jacket.

Enjoyed Duke Thomas? Support the Super. Black. Platform

Mission one, distract. Mission two, hope Batman stops the villain fast enough…

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