Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Explainer

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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Explainer

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur releases on Disney Plus on February 10th 2023. But what do you know about the unlikely duo? Lucky for you Super. Black. has you covered. Let’s quickly go over all you need to know about Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur!

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Explainer TL;DR

  • Moon Girl, a.k.a Lunella Lafayette is one of (if not THE) smartest people in the Marvel Universe
  • Devil Dinosaur is a giant red dinosaur pulled hrough a time portal from The Valley of Flame
  • Moon Girl is an Inhuman
  • Jack Kirby created Devil Dinosaur
  • Brandon Montclare, Amy Reeder, Natacha Bustos created the Moon Girl comic

The Genius known as Moon Girl

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur - Moon Girl
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur – Moon Girl

Lunella Lafayette is a 9-year-old super genius from the Lower East Side of New York. Amadeus Cho declared her the “smartest person in the whole world”. A title like that given by a pretty egotistical Hulk is no small feat. The young super-genius uses her skills to protect her New York neighborhood.

What does almost every super genius in the Marvel universe do with all that brain power? They construct a battle suit, thats what. Lunella’s makeshift combat suit has numerous gadgets, including a computerized utility belt, spring-loaded roller skates, and an extending boxing glove. It’s not the most lethal arsenal, but why use weapons, when you have a dinosaur?

Dinosaur goes ROAR!

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur - Red Dinosaur
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur – Red Dinosaur

Devil Dinosaur is the muscle of the group. Pulled through a Time Portal by Lunella, Devil Dinosaur is on the hunt for cave people. Killer Folk to be exact. The very people who killed his buddy Moon Boy way back in the Valley of Flame. As the giant red dino stepped through the time portal, he met his new best friend Moon Girl in possession of a Kree device, the Omni-Wave Projector. The logistics of this story can be found in Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur Vol 1 by Natacha Bustos, Amy Reeder, and Brandon Montclare.

Where to now?

You can pick up Vol 1 of the comic with this affiliate link and read up on the duo. On February 10th 2023, you can catch the new animated series on Disney Plus as well. The Fandom wikis for the series are a great comprehensive breakdown of the characters but there is no better joy than reading the comics yourself. Use the wikis as a secondary source as you dive deep into the graphic novels.

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Moon Girl on patrol

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