Power Man

Power Man: The hero for hire.

Super. Black. revisits Luke Cage a.k.a Power Man. This time, we discuss Luke outside the confines of his freelance superhero business. Daniel and Carl discuss all the little nuances of Mr. Carl Lucas. We touch on his various wardrobe incarnations, his impact as a super-powered person, our favorite version of the man and the popular Netflix series.

Power Man & Iron Fist - Super. Black.
Power Man & Iron Fist – Super. Black.

Super. Black. Creative.

Today, we introduce a new feature to Super. Black. Carl and Daniel stretch their nerdy brain muscles and begin brainstorming a new, unique super person, exclusive to the burgeoning Super. Black. Universe. Listen to the second half of each episode as the duo concept brand new heroes of color based on the archetype of that week’s focus. Those were a lot of big words to say we make up new black superheroes. Enjoy!

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Black Manta Podcast (2017)

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Wakanda Forever Spoilercast

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