I Only Buy Black Characters in Fortnite Battle Royale, here’s what I have so far…

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I Only Buy Black Characters in Fortnite Battle Royale, here’s what I have so far…

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06/06/22 Malik

Fortnite’s own Malik

OK, I don’t even play Fortnite anymore and I am ready to jump in JUST for this new Malik skin. He’s a fancy-ass knight. There is no limit to the level of cool this fella exudes. My only reluctance is the fact that my weak skills would do his style a disservice.

04/01/22: Silk Sonic joins the bunch

Via Epic Games

I have since ceased my Fortnite playing. I simply have no time to be bad at yet another game. Then I saw an ad for this Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak Silk Sonic skin pack and I figured “Why not one more Fortnite purchase, for old times sake. So here we are, blessed with a couple funky characters and absolutely no intention of using them. For what it’s worth, I made the funk-suit Anderson .Paak my default. It’s just right.

11/13/20: Blade is in the bag!

Via Youtube

I finally have Blade! The Daywalker is mine at last. Since the beginning of the Marvel x Fortnite event, I have been waiting for the stoic vampire hunter, and this weekend, he returned to the store. What a great skin as well. Everything is spot on and rather Wesley Snipes like. I find that to be an added bonus.

Black Manta – The Scourge of Atlantis

Black Manta has made his way to Fortnite! Finally! Not that I ever thought he would be added to the game, but what a happy occurrence. I have a well-documented love of the weird underwater pirate. From his inclusion in the Injustice 2 game to the middle-of-the-road Aquaman movie, and his amazing run in Young Justice. I have shown up for all his exploits and will continue to do so. Hell, I am terrible at Fortnite and I immediately spent real-world money on this Black Manta skin. I have a problem.


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The MajorLazer skin made its way to Fortnite this week. I am debating if I should spend the exorbitant amount of fake money it costs. That is the point of this feature though. I am conflicted. It is a pretty sweet skin, and it comes with its own music and dance. It’s almost silly NOT to get it. I have mere hours before it disappears. What will I do?!


How many Black characters are in Fortnite Battle Royale?

I am a Fortnite Battle Royale fan. If you are like me at all, you may have wondered aloud, there are black characters in Fortnite Battle Royale, but how many exactly?

That’s a great question. I would love to find out. I don’t want to do any sort of research or have it take up too much of my time. So I have relegated myself to picking up every black guy and gal skin I come by in the store when I see them. So far, it’s taking a long time and costing me a lot of money. Collecting black characters in Fortnite is expensive

My go-to: Maximillion

Maximillian – Fortnite Battle Royale

Dressing up my perpetually dying avatar like a Tuskegee Airman is a strange joy for me. Not because he keeps dying in the most ridiculous ways to some of the world’s worst players. No. Mostly because I love the pilot outfit and Dirigible glider combo. Max is a distinguished pilot with the terrible aim and a penchant for landing in the worst areas possible.

The Original: Hyperion

Hyperion – Fortnite Battle Royale

The first premium skin I purchased was also the skin I received in my first two Victory Royales with. You can tell how long ago that was by the skin itself and the “#1 Victory Royale” styling. Hyperion was a basketball player skin that offered nothing but a break from the random default skins players are stuck with. I had a pocket full of V bucks and nothing to spend them on. That is until this good guy showed up.

New to the group – Bandolier


Spending hard-earned cash on all the black characters was a given well before Bandolier showed up in the item store. I had a strange change of heart right before buying this one though. I closed the game and went about my business, thinking if I return and the skin was still there I would get it. Lo and behold I came back and he was staring me in the face. Angrily.

The guy I’ll never upgrade – Carbide


The superhero Carbide with the upgradable suit is a great skin. Too bad I will never be able to upgrade him. I am awful at this game, I have no intention of getting better and I don’t even know if it is possible to upgrade him at this point. He is snazzy though. This super-powered fella kicked off my mild interest in collecting all the Black Battle Boys.

The state of black characters in Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite_Giddy Up
Giddy Up

I have been enjoying the range of black characters in Fortnite. Seeing new ones in the store usually prompts a purchase. Maybe I haven’t come across any, but I have yet to see a black lady character for purchase. Again, I may be mistaken. If anyone knows of any that are particularly good I will certainly grab those skins as well. For now, I am content with picking up all the dark fellas I can find. I am in the process of collecting the Spanish folks as well, starting with the Mexican Wrestler. Mostly because I love some good wrasslin’.

The Masked Fury indeed.

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