Morbius vs Blade – A New Blade Movie Pitch for Marvel

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Morbius vs Blade – A New Blade Movie Pitch for Marvel

Update: The Morbius trailer just dropped! It’s looking pretty dark. Just dark enough for Blade to hide in the shadows… I’m glad Jared Leto is getting another shot at a supervillain. He caught a raw deal with Joker. This looks to at least be interesting. Check it out below.

Morbius. The role creepy ass Jared Leto was born to play.

Original pitch: We have talked about Blade before on our show. We even Forged a new version of the character. Now let’s pitch Marvel a new Blade vs Morbius film. It’s reported that Aquaman director James Wan has done this exact thing to Marvel Studios. I am not saying we can do any better. Wait, that’s precisely what I am saying.

Lucky for us he can’t remember what he pitched. Couple that with the news that Marvel wasn’t interested and we are in an advantageous position. Do we have connections to Marvel or the industry? Not at all. Is James Wan in a better situation to get his ideas made? 100%. Will that fact deter us? Yes, a little. However, not enough to stop me from hitting publish.

Forging the pitch

Dan and I are formulating our collective pitch to Marvel brass (as they most certainly read this site…). In the interim, here is a story idea I had on the train one morning and didn’t know what to do with it. Thanks, Mr. Wan for giving me a reason to post my silly thoughts.

The Nightstalkers

Blade's Daughter Via
Blade’s Daughter Via

Catchy isn’t it? I came up with that name all by myself. Here’s the synopsis.

Blade’s daughter Fallon Grey must stop the spread of Morbius, The Living Vampire’s synthetic unliving virus. Fallon enlists the help of Marvel’s occult experts, affectionately known as the Nightstalkers, to quell the unliving uprising.

– Me on the train during my morning commute to work

Not bad right? I think it’s pretty good. I’d watch that. You on the other hand, probably need more convincing.

Morbius-The-Living-Vampire Via MovieWeb
Morbius-The-Living-Vampire Via MovieWeb
Morbius, the Living Vampire, is spreading a deadly synthetic strain of the vampire virus across the globe. His hive-mind of unwilling husks trample and infect everything in their wake. Fallon calls on the genius scientist Dr. Hank McCoy to help understand and ultimately vaccinate this man-made vampiric strain. Pastor Robert Reyes, an exorcism expert and secretly a possessed spirit of Vengeance. Shaman Calypso Ezilii and Special Agent Flash Thompson.

The Original Subway Pitch

Photo by Valou _c on Unsplash
Photo by Valou _c on Unsplash

Blade begins training his daughter in the ways of the hunter. The ways Whistler passed on to him so many years ago. Armed with a bevy of ancient weapons, the father-daughter duo traverse the world in search of Morbius, The Living Vampire. The good doctor is the source of the synthetic vampiric strain that has systematically destroyed many a civilization. With an uptick in vampire encounters, Blade indoctrinates his child into the war against ancient assimilation.

When the Blade family finds Morbius, a battle commences. A fight that will forever change the world. Blades daughter is bitten and her already quarter blood lineage is corrupted by the synthetic vampire strain. Fallon is now a mindless extension of The Living Vampire. Blade’s daughter must be stopped before she turns the world in service of her master.

Blade seeks the help of Calypso Ezili, in the hopes she can change his daughter back. To find her, Blade enlists the help of private investigator Jonathan “Johnny” Blayze. Blayze himself holds a secret. Adorned in a collection of charms and mystic amulets, John keeps the Ghost Rider at bay, for fear the angry demon of Vengeance will cleanse the world of all sin, both large and small if released.

The two cursed men travel the world in search of the shaman.

Morbius makes moves in the shadows. Injured and vulnerable, Morbius taps his network of monsters, enlisting Victor Creed as his personal bodyguard. Known as the Sabretooth, Victor is a nigh-invulnerable beast. Coupled with his unbreakable skeleton, Sabertooth is virtually unstoppable. Morbius seeks the aid of the most brilliant scientist, Otto Octavius, to help cure the vampiric beast that lives within him. Otto is inhabited by a cephalopod-like monster. It has taken hold of him, using his body as a vessel into our world. Soon, both monsters will tangle and put the world in jeopardy.

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