How to build a fort and play Fortnite inside of it

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How to build a fort and play Fortnite inside of it

Who doesn’t love Fortnite? Many people, sure. But, who doesn’t love a good DIY, in home fort? Significantly less. Since we all have more time at home, let’s have some fun with it. Do you have little kids who are driving you nuts with their constant energy? A nice fort will focus their little minds and reduce the amount of space they have to move.

This also opens up a world of possibilities within the new fort. You can play pirates. You can play with action figures. Or you can do what my family and I are planning to do. That’s play Fortnite, inside the fort. With all of you. On Twitch. This Friday!

The last time I got a Victory Royale. Literally years ago.

But before that, I am going to give you a guide to a fast fort you can build at home with a few comfy items.

How to build a fast fort to play Fortnite in

Our end result. A power fort.

Here are the mats (materials in Fortnite speak) you need:

  • 2 Chairs. Preferably tall dining room chairs
  • 3-6 blankets
  • 4-8 pillows
  • Clamps, string, or tape (if you are desperate)
  • A floor
  • Your kid’s stuffed animals (if children are readily available in your household)

Here are some nice to haves

  • Battery-powered string lights
  • Way more blankets and pillows
  • Couch cushions (those big, fluffy, square ones that come off the couch)
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Crazy big stuffed animals

A couple “If you got it, flaunt it” items

  • Fabric tubes from a ball pit playset, or way, way, way more cushions
  • Mini fridge
  • Karaoke machine

Let’s build

First, start with the backs of your chairs facing one another. I suggest using your couch as a soft wall for these chairs to lean against. Place them about 5 to 6 feet apart from each other. Drape a nice heavy blanket across the tops of the two chairs. You are going to want to weigh your two base chairs down with something heavy. A stack of books or bags of rice (I know you have that) will do well. Make sure your weight isn’t something that will hurt too badly if it falls off the chair.

Next, lay another blanket below the chairs. This is your base to keep your pillows clean and off the floor. As a dog family, we are covered in hair constantly and any little thing to stay dog hair free is explored. Arrange your glut of pillows on the blanket so you have something soft to sit on. Place a couple up against the couch, wall or whatever your chairs are up against. If you have an open-ended fort, don’t worry about this part.

Throw another blanket over your pillows in a vain attempt to keep them in place. If you have a weighted blanket or a thick comforter, now’s the time to break it out. Grab those silly bears, trolls, and assorted stuffed beings your kids love and chuck them in there. Don’t bother arranging those, they will be all over the place within the first 10 minutes. You should have a pretty decent fort now. One that will allow you to play Fortite with us for the evening at the very least.

Bump up the square footage

For some extra flair, dress your fort up with the extra bits listed above. Battery-powered lights are a nice touch when night falls. If you have the means, you can create multiple forts and crawl between them in makeshift pillow tunnels, a la Abed and Troy in Community. Don’t forget to get creative and experimental with your forts. You certainly have the time to explore different options. Share your forts with us on Twitter or Instagram and tag it #familyfortnight

That’s the dream, isn’t it troy?

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