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We discuss the vampire hunter Blade! During our Forge segment, we create his English counterpart who's after notorious vampire Jack the Ripper.



updated December 2023

With Arkane announcing an in-development Blade game the character regained his rightful place on the hype train. Eric Brooks, a.k.a Blade is on everyone’s mind. It’s only right that we run it back and give the Dhampir his flowers in 2023.

We also can’t forget the new Blade actor Mahershala Ali. With all the renewed interest in the Daywalker, let’s revisit our original episode all about Blade.

Arkane’s Marvel Blade video game trailer

original post

As we close out 2016, we thought it only right to put out some episodes to cap the year. Our first of 2 covers one of the more well-known black superheroes, Marvel’s Blade. Dan and I wax poetic on our experiences with the leather daddy, vampire hunter and have some fun in the new segment we call…

The Forge rethinks Marvel’s Blade.

After a lengthy conversation on the history of Blade in cinema and TV, Dan and Carl slide into their creative mode and brainstorm a new avenue for Eric Brooks. We take him back to his roots in England and have him chase the notorious “Jack The Ripper”. Is The Ripper a fellow Daywalker? Perhaps it is Dracula themself. I can’t even remember what we came up with. Check out Dan’s concept art below.

Blade: Dead or Alive poster. Art by Daniel O'Brien
Marvel’s Blade: Dead or Alive poster. Art by Daniel O’Brien
Marvel's Blade - Dan O'Brien Illustration
Blade – Art by Daniel O’Brien

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