New Blade game from Arkane Lyon is coming


A new Blade game by Arkane is coming and We couldn't be more hyped.


Blade by Arkane

updated Dec 14

Arkane Lyon studio co-creative and art director Sebastien Mitton posted some concept art on X for the upcoming Blade game. I must say, I am very excited.

We love Blade. We love Arkane Lyon. The pairing of Bethesda’s best studio and Marvel’s best vampire hunter is happening. The in-development Blade game by Arkane Lyon got an announcement trailer at the 2023 Video Game Awards. Check out this teaser and tell me you aren’t hyped.

In Marvel’s Blade, Eric Brooks is the legendary Daywalker, half-man, half-vampire torn between the warm society of the living and the rushing power of the undead. From Bethesda and Arkane Lyon, the studio that brought you Dishonored and “DEATHLOOP”, Marvel’s Blade is a mature, single-player, third-person game set in the heart of Paris, now in development in collaboration with Marvel Games. – Via Marvel Entertainment.

Blade by Arkane is a vibe.

Eric getting a fresh cut before a hunt – Blade by Arkane

Blade doesn’t have a track record of stellar video game outings. Both movie tie-in games were serviceable action titles, but movie tie-ins nonetheless. This new game is in the hands that crafted Deathloop. That game is a true masterpiece starring not one, but TWO Black leads.

The story: looking way too deep

Get inside. It’s almost dark…

Based on the trailer above, it seems like Blade is living in a dual world. Human living during the day and vampire chaos at night. Something close to an “I Am Legend” or “Strain” situation. A world where normal humans are confined to shelters at night to avoid grizzly death at the hands of “suckheads.” (Blade’s words, not mine).

It’s an oldie but a goodie. It could be very engaging if the game introduces a day-night cycle. One that sees the world change dramatically as people scurry home and vampires emerge from slumber. Games like Dying Light have done a good job with such mechanics, and Arkane is no slouch in their world-building.

The Super. Black. Quick Take

Blade equipped for chaos

An interesting take could be “One Night in Paris.”As the world’s vampire population skyrockets, Blade becomes a high-demand mercenary. He ends up in Paris, where a large population of vampires reside. But the blood-sucking parasite spreads faster than Balde’s sword can quell it. In an effort to stifle the vampire uprising, Blade has to recruit a group of hunters. The Nightstalkers.

That’s me blabbering, flying high on pre-workout. What type of Blade scenario would you want in the new game? let me know in the comments. There is no release date so let’s sit on our hands and wait in anticipation.

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