Injustice 2 introduces Black Lightning as a Raiden skin

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Injustice 2 introduces Black Lightning as a Raiden skin


Black Lightning has joined the roster of fighters in Injustice 2! A high honor for any DC character worth their salt. There is a small catch. Mr. Lightning is a skin for the god of thunder himself, Mortal Kombat’s Raiden. This is the eighth character revealed as an alternate Premiere Skin to existing, rostered characters.

Injustice 2 Premiere Skins

Black Lightning - Injustice 2

Black Lightning welcomes the storm

Premiere Skin characters are gear sets for existing Injustice 2 characters. These sets alter the base character’s look and speech to create all new heroes and villains. The new characters share their move set with their base counterpart. So if you love The Flash but hate being good, you can throw on a Reverse Flash skin and be a bad speedster. Black Lightning joins the illustrious ranks of Power Girl, Vixen, Reverse Flash, John Stewart, Mister Freeze, Grid and Golden Age Flash as a Premiere skin character.

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