The Super. Black. Wins of 2019

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The Super. Black. Wins of 2019

2019 has been quite a year. People say things like that every year but THIS year really took the cake. But in the darkness, some really cool things transpired in the black genre community. Let’s recap some truly amazing examples of #Representation. Here comes the Super. Black. Wins of 2019!

Lashana Lynch is 007

Lashana Lynch has no time for your “dying”

First Lashana killed it as Monica Rambeau’s mother Maria in Captain Marvel. Now she is a genuine, bonafide, electrified, 6-car monorail. Sorry, she’s a genuine 007. Damn Disney + and it’s Simpson’s catalog. A badass black lady 00 agent with a legendary designation. When Daniel Craig, arguably the best Bond in years, needs help, you call a strong black woman.

Hair Love is a genuine triumph

A true Triumph

Hey, interested in feeling all the feels at once, Hair Love is your ticket to emotions. I loved this short film so damn much I shared it every chance I had. Not to mention I have been in the shoes of the brother trying his best to do his daughter’s hair. Little black girls with beautiful, natural hair get to see themselves represented on screen. “That’s me” is what I love to hear.

Kamala Khan Series announced

Kamala Khan is coming

We have a well-documented love of Kamala Khan. Now she will grace the big/small screen in her own Disney + series! The stretchy hero will eventually make her debut and join the MCUs next version of the Avengers.


Watchmen. I mean… right?!

A nine-episode beacon of excellent writing and character exploration. Damon Lindelof and his team did a fantastic job telling an original Watchmen story for the small screen. A series focused on powerful black people dealing with generational trauma, fighting back against systemic racism and literally birthing a vigilante movement. The Hooded Justice episode alone should win all the awards available. Also, who would have thought they would have made Watchmen’s god a black man? Or at least a white man pretending to be black. Wait, is Dr. Manhattan the ultimate cultural appropriator?

Us is AAFCA Film of the year

The 2019 Film of the Year

Us is Jordan Peele’s second major film. This eerie horror film enticed audiences worldwide. While not as transformative Get Out was for his career, Us is a great movie with its own unique flaws. The movie struck a cord so loud the The African American Film Critics Association voted it the 2019 Film of the Year. Did you ever think you would see a film where the black family makes it to the end in tact? Not me. Half the time we can’t make it out the trailer alive. Or we get turned into pigeons.

Eddie Murphy returns to SNL to close 2019

This is pretty damn great

Mr. Murphy made his SNL re-debut on the December 21 episode of the long-running sketch show. It was quite the spectacle in the best possible way. All your favorite characters returned, including Mr. Robinson’s now gentrified neighborhood and the cantankerous Gumby. Any doubts people had that Eddie would whiff his hosting duties flew right out the window. Check out my favorite sketch of the evening, a Christmas toast every family can relate to.

Bitter Root

The Super. Black. 2019 Best New Comic Series
Bitter Root

Talk about a fantastic read. Bitter Root follows the Sangerye Family as they battle to save New York from supernatural threats during the 1920’s Harlem Renaissance. The gorgeous art, and snappy writing will grip you from start to finish. It’s so good, Ryan Coogler of Black Panther fame is adapting the story to the big screen. Grab Vol 1 now and catch up on this amazing series.

Mr. Nancy Lays it down

Mr. Nancy of the American Gods TV show was a powerful character who spoke the angry truth. Orlando Jones breathed life into an underwritten and forgotten character during the show’s second season. After writing for each of the black gods on the show when no one else would, word came (from Mr. Jones) that he was fired from the show back in September. His lasting legacy will be this amazing speech that he wrote and performed. Revel in its magnificence and check out fellow Brooklyn nerd Karama a.k.a theblerdgurl’s interview with Orlando Jones on the whole American Gods situation. It’s a great show.

Blackman Beyond

With Kevin Smith on a worldwide tour promoting his new Jay and Silent Bob film, Marc Bernardin took the reigns of Fatman Beyond and created Blackman Beyond. Marc’s nerdy guests ranged from Malcolm Barrett, to my all time favorite voice actor Phil Lamarr. After five episodes of the “spinoff”, I am ready for him to host his own black-centric nerd show. Let’s make it happen! Go ahead and @ him.

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