Hair love is amazing

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Hair love is amazing

Hair Love is an animated short about a father tried to do his adorable daughter’s natural hair (and so much more). I have tried to do my daughter’s hair. I always land on one of two hairstyles. Ponytail or “Hey, let’s leave it out!” It doesn’t help that her scalp is super sensitive so combing out those tangles is a real hassle (a hassle I leave for her mother to deal with). When I heard I was having a daughter my first (or maybe 17th) thought was learning to do a little girls hair. What a daunting task for a man with thick, stupid fingers and a short attention span.

I write all that to say I understand the father in this wonderful Sony animated short. This touching short about family and bonding hit me right in the feels. It also helps that its gorgeously animated and directed. It’s written and directed by Matthew A. Cherry, co-directed by Bruce W. Smith, Everett Downing Jr. and starring Issa Rae. Watch it below.

Hair Love Short Film

Doing hair is hard

In Hair Love, the dad struggles to do right by his little girl simultaneously fighting the urge to take the easy way out. Every time my lady asks “Would you do her hair, please?” it feels like a set up. She admitted as much stating she planned to tell my daughter’s teachers dad picked up the comb today. Thank goodness I can lasso a mean ponytail.

I won’t spoil anything. If you haven’t watched it yet, go do so right now. I mean, I linked it all kinds of ways above! What a triumph.

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