Kamala Khan is Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel a.k.a Kamala Khan

Ms. Marvel a.k.a Kamala Khan, the first Muslim American character to lead a Marvel property. That’s pretty great, no? How about the fact that she’s rad. As rad as the 80’s my friends. Join me as I analyze Ms. Khan and her amazing powers and personality. We cover her powers and overall character in the first section, diving deep into her origins and home life.

Both aspects shape not only the character but give a nice representation of a young Muslim woman growing up in Jersey City. In the second segment, for your listening pleasure, we create our own Marvel Trading Card of Kamala Khan and spec out her power rankings. I think they come out fairly accurate.

Marvel's Kamala Khan: The plight of the teenager in Jersey City.
Marvel’s Kamala Khan: The plight of the teenager in Jersey City.

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Ms. Marvel a.k.a Kamala Khan

Ms. Marvel Show Notes:

Side A: Kamala Khan a.k.a Ms. Marvel Hero Worship Super Black Power Rankings 0:17 – 13:51 (almost 13:50. OCD is kicking in…)

Break: Thank you’s, head bowing and Contact information :: 13:57 -15:47

Side B: That’s the Black Guy trivia / Closing: 15:47 – 20:12


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