Black Panther Movie Episode

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Black Panther Movie Episode

Black Panther Episode -Super. Black. Art by Alex Ross

The Black Panther Movie has made a lot of waves around the world. The film has reached Avatar levels of success in a very short period of time. A brand like Super. Black. demands that I watch this movie the moment it hits theaters. Anyone would rightfully think we would have covered this cultural phenomenon a long time ago. Well, you’d be wrong. After putting it off for over a month, I have finally seen Black Panther.


Black Panther - Super. Black

Black Panther – Super. Black

In this episode, Carl and Dan offer their thoughts on the Black Panther movie. Both their favorite, and not so favorite aspects of the film. One thing not covered in our “review” is my (Carl) feeling that Angela Basset was not used nearly enough. Queen Mother Ramonda is a wonderfully realized character, infusing emotion and heart into each scene she is in. I just wish there was more of her. Granted, I can watch the amazing Angela Bassett tear up the screen all day. Perhaps I am simply being greedy.


The Black Panther Movie Review

Our verdict: It was good.


Show Notes:

Episode Length: 23:30 mins

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Forge Theme: “Strength & Iron”

End Theme: “Victory in flight!”

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