Storm, Goddess of the Marvel Universe


I finally worked up the nerve to cover the weather goddess, Storm. Just in time for X-Men '97!



It’s been a long time in the making, but I finally worked up the nerve to cover the weather goddess Storm. Working up the nerve to talk about Ororo Munroe has taken years. Given the status of such a character, I put so much needless pressure on myself. I ended up talking myself out of every attempt (10, to be exact). After picking up the X-Men ’97 Storm figure on a toy hunt with the family, I said, “Screw it! Time to record this freakin’ episode!” That exclamation did garner weird looks from everyone around me, but that’s irrelevant. Today marks a huge step forward for Super. Black. as we move into a post-Storm era of the podcast. A weight has been lifted!

The Storm has come

Feel the Storm!

This isn’t the first time Storm appears on Super. Black. Ever winder how powerful is Storm from the X-Men? Well, we get into it! I wrote an article on her infamous line in the first X-Men movie. Not to mention the countless times I referenced how scared I was to do this episode in other Super. Black. Podcasts. I rambled for maybe 28 minutes about how cool Storm is, but what else could I do?! Regardless, I hope you enjoy it. Subscribe to the show on our YouTube channel or any other platform you like. Tell a friend or two (or seven) about the show. It’s free and kind, and I would appreciate it.

If there are any characters you’d like this show to cover in detail, please let me know in the episode comments on YouTube or drop me a line. Thanks for listening!

More Storm in X-Men ’97

The new animated series X-Men ’97 is out on Disney Plus. Relive some 90s nostalgia with Storm and the crew. Also, check out some more Storm coverage outside of Supre. Black.

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