Batman: Soul of the Dragon is a 1970’s Genre film I can’t wait for

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Batman: Soul of the Dragon is a 1970’s Genre film I can’t wait for

Batman: Soul of the Dragon via IGN Exclusive

Richard Dragon, Ben Turner and Lady Shiva carry Batman’s butt to victory in this 1970s set Dark Knight romp. Batman: Soul of the Dragon is a fresh animated film from the halls of DC Comics. A brand new story means we all get to experience it for the first time together. No referencing a book for this fan.

David Giuntoli puts on the animated cowl as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Michael Jai White cuts his teeth once more as Ben Turner/Bronze Tiger. Mark Dacascos rocks the comfy pajamas as Richard Dragon, and Kelly Hu sharpens her blade as Lady Shiva and Head over to THR for more details!

Batman: Soul of the Dragon – A period piece

DC’s strengths lie in their ability to shuffle their characters around into unique settings and stories. Period pieces are a great way to highlight certain character’s strengths and tell compelling stories in a bygone time. This works very well for black characters like Bronze Tiger, as the trials and tribulations of black people in that era lend themselves to rich, oddly timely stories now. The 70s were a big decade for influential black culture. Stories of racial injustice, Black Power, and powerful black leads like Foxy Brown and Shaft started back then.

Bronze Tiger rocks a very relatable 70s look (*cough* Luke Cage *cough*) in the above screenshot. As this is an animated feature, the topic of race relations may not be heavily prevalent. However, it is a topic that can’t be ignored given the time period and cast of POC’s. Also, DC isn’t all that shy about getting real in their animated films. I look forward to whatever this turns out to me. I am a sucker for a period piece.

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