10 Dope Black Toys to Buy Your family and friends


It's always a good time to buy some toys for your tots. Here are 10 dope Black toys for your hero shrines and toy bins.


Super. Black. Action Figure Collection

This post does contain sponsored links, BUT they are all dope Black toys hand-picked by Super. Black. for their dopeness.

I love collecting toys. It’s grown from a hobby to a quiet obsession I must cater to and quell daily. Think of Bruce Banner keeping the Hulk at bay. That’s me and buying every action figure in sight. The older I get, the more I tailor my figure collecting focus on dope Black toys. If you are like me and like your shelf to be a monument to plastic representation, let’s take a look at some dope Black toys for you to consider to fill your beginning or growing collection.

This collection of Black superhero action figures and toys is absolutely bursting with melanin. Grab these great Black toys for you your kids, or the nerds in your life, today. Time to build your own Black Hero Shrine of Plastic Excellence!

10 Dope Black Toys to Buy Your Kids

X-Men Bishop

For some context, I have pined for a specific X-Men Bishop Action FIgure since the 2018 New York Comic Con. It was an exorbitant amount of money at the convention, and I figured I would wait and get it online. It turns out it’s way more expensive digitally than in person. Now, I regret my decision to leave it there.

There he is in all his X-Men glory. Bishop is one of the most prominent Black X-Men on the roster, outshone by the goddess herself, Storm. This fully articulated action figure would make an excellent Black action figure or addition to a shelf/diorama of Black excellence.

Al Simmons, A.K.A Spawn Action Figure

Spawn Deluxe 7-Inch Scale Action Figure Set

Spawn is a comic book icon and an example of success for anyone looking to create their own thing. Al Simmons is a conflicted, tortured character who uses his curse to benefit others. He also makes a rad toy for anyone who loves detailed figures.

X-Men Retro Storm Action Figure

X-Men Retro Marvel Legends 6-Inch Black Outfit Storm Action Figure - Exclusive

Remember I mentioned the goddess herself? This retro Storm figure is probably less interesting for your kids, but it is definitely a great pickup for any nerdy parent looking to impose their fandom on the next generation. The retro packaging alone is enough to sway me, but I am a sucker for good design. The actual figure is incredible and a great addition to any X-Men fan’s toy bin.

Power Rangers Ultimates Black Ranger 7-Inch Action Figure

Power Rangers Ultimates Black Ranger 7-Inch Action Figure

The Black Ranger is a classic Black superhero. Specifically Zack from the Mighty Morphin’ variety. This figure comes with swappable heads of both Zack and Rocky for anyone who came in late and missed all the dancing. Either way, it’s a great toy for fans of the series and Black Ranger nerds like me.

Dragon Ball Super Hero Dragon Stars Piccolo 6 1/2-Inch Action Figure

Dragon Ball Super Hero Dragon Stars Piccolo 6 1/2-Inch Action Figure

Piccolo is anime royalty. He’s the greatest step-dad in anime history and most definitely a Black man by all accounts. His figures cut an imposing figure and could start your kids (or you) down a DragonBall collection road. I was there for a while. It’s rewarding until you realize you spend too much on figures. Then you are feverishly searching for a life-sized Piccolo statue performing the Special Beam Cannon attack and willing to pay top dollar for it. Anyway, just get this toy and avoid the obsession.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Original Classic Donatello Giant 12-Inch Action Figure

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Original Classic Donatello Giant 12-Inch Action Figure

As a child, I really connected with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They were broke and living in New York. Not many people accepted them because they looked different. They loved martial arts and pizza. If you were a Black kid growing up in Brooklyn, TMNT were basically your spirit animals. Anyone, these figures are incredible, especially the retro versions. Also, let’s be honest: Donnie is the best turtle, so pick up these giant smarty pants and party.

Mattel Karma’s World Karma Grant Doll

Karma’s World is a Netflix animated series revolving around aspiring rapper and singer Karma Grant. My daughter stumbled on the show and really enjoyed it. The Karma merch is a nice bit of representation for young Black girls (check out those curls) who want to express themselves in their own way. Karma uses music, and my daughter draws. It all translates into doing what makes you happy.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Miles Morales Figure

LEGO 76225 Marvel Super Heroes Miles Morales Figure

Miles makes the list as a constructible LEGO figure. This toy is more involved than most, engaging your kid’s brain and imagination. I am a huge advocate for LEGO toys and sets. They promote thoughtful play and spark young minds. A bonus is you get to create a great Spider-Man with this set and potentially enhance him with more Legos. I am thinking of building a huge Miles + Venom figure. Go nuts, kids.

Gargoyles Ultimate Goliath 7-Inch Scale Action Figure

Gargoyles Ultimate Goliath 7-Inch Scale Action Figure

Another entry in the “imposing fandom” category. Gargolye’s is a ’90s kids’ reto dream toy. These figures represent a golden age in animation. Not to mention, the incomparable Keith David voiced Goliath. Also, look at that figure. It’s nuts and totally worth a purchase by any old-ass nerd like me.

Masters of the Universe Origins Sun Man Action Figure

Masters of the Universe Origins Sun Man Action Figure

Who even is this guy? Does anyone know who Sun Man is? I must have this. YOU must have this. I never particularly liked He-Man. He was always a less interesting version of Thundercats (they all kind of wear the same outfits). But this fella looks interesting. He has wings and a corny logo. I am fully going to buy this and so should you. Talk about a random ass pick but look at that fro!

Black Toys for Tots

Dope Black Action Figures for the nerd in your life

There are so many great Black toys out there, but this is only a tiny, curated portion. It’s a tad self-serving if you purchase through our affiliate links, but you also get to start or continue your black toy collection with these great figures. The melanin is strong in this list. Go forth and fill your toy bins with Black excellence!

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