7 Characters That Aren’t Black But Are

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Black characters come in all shapes and colors. Here are 7 characters that aren't black but are, and you totally know it!


Black characters come in all colors. Sometimes, you must look beyond the superficial and dig deeper when looking for characters to relate to. What do I mean by Black? Perhaps it’s their voice or a particular personality quirk. Mannerisms, resemblances, and cultural similarities can all mark your connections to characters. If you want inspiration for your NYC Comic Con Cosplay, look no further! Here are seven characters that aren’t black but are totally black if you think about it. Let’s dive in.

7 characters that aren’t black but are

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The Dragonball series is full of quirky, intimidating, and downright imposing characters. None are more endearing or beloved than the green-skinned stepdad Piccolo. His hero’s journey led him from villain to reluctant friend, from Gohan’s father figure to full-on series superhero.

Growing up watching Dragonball Z, I always had an uncanny connection to Piccolo. I would wonder, is Piccolo Black? His character spoke to me. His voice was tremendous, and he reminded me of my dad. It didn’t hit me until sometime in high school. Piccolo is a black man trapped in a green man’s body. His unsmiling, cold, yet caring demeanor resonated with me. It may have even informed me how I treat people today.


The original black panther. Earle Hyman, the grandfather from the Cosby Show, voiced Panthro. The muscled kitten was the Thundercat’s lead mechanic and resident nunchaku expert. This character subconsciously reminded me of the Cosby Show. I never remember Panthro doing anything “Black” per se, but he sure was a parental figure for Lion-o, the adult prince with the mind of a teenager. In the Thundercats revival in 2011, cartoon voice king Kevin Michael Richardson played Papa Panthro.

Martian Manhunter

DC has a Black superhero problem. The ones they do have are not very interesting (looking at you, Mr. Terrific) or well-highlighted. Their rainbow heroes, however, are well-established. None more than Super Martian himself, Martian Man Hunter. The shapeshifting orphan of Mars has a secret identity named John Johns. Many of JJ’s incarnations are portrayed by black men. In the most recent Supergirl CW TV show, The Manhunter is played by David Harewood. In the OG Superman CW series Smallville, JJ was played by Phillip Morris. Carl Winston and Kevin Michael Richardson lent their voices to Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice characters, respectively.


Starfire, the quick, fun-loving alien princess from the Teen Titans never struck me as a black character trapped in an orange body. Then, DC Universe announced Titans, a gritty, F-word-filled take on the Teen Titans. Lo and behold, Anna Diop was cast as fire-hurling Starfire. Outside of the gritty trailer above, I don’t know much about how this character will be portrayed. One thing I do know that wig is horrible.


Who didn’t love Aqua Teen Hunger Force? The insane, mentally draining cartoon on Adult Swim offered a strange assortment of sentient fast food products as the series’ protagonists. None is more interesting than the super genius, floating carton of french fries Frylock. Voiced by Carey Means, Frylock portrayed a few characteristics people would associate with black culture. He routinely got his fries braided; he was the voice of reason and sultry and easy to listen to. He also had laser-eye beams. Something most people don’t know, we black folks can do… (it’s a secret, shhh)


Played by the incomparable Zoe Saldana-Perego, Gamora is the no-nonsense killer in the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel group. While Zoe is not necessarily black, she is black adjacent, born to a Dominican father and a Puerto Rican mother. Gamora’s character in the Marvel films has a distinct, curt personality I remember growing up around. She reminded me very much of every little girl in our grade school. Strong, opinionated, uncompromising young women who would smack you raw if you crossed them. Oh, the playground massacres we endured at their hands…


Here is another stretch character, especially since you see he is a Japanese man in the original comic, cartoon, and terrible Michael Bay movies. However, the original cartoon voice actor is none other than Uncle Phil himself, James Avery, R.I.P. I will always give props to Uncle Phil, as J. Cole did. He brought that character to life and made me believe he hated those damn turtles.

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