Vixen: Top 6 post-Hero careers

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Vixen: Top 6 post-Hero careers

Vixen, in the flesh. The animal flesh

Yup, that title is corny, but it hits a lot of SEO parameters. Sometimes your writing has to make sacrifices. Sacrifices for Vixen (more SEO).

This installment of Super. Black. features the untamed DC superhero known as Vixen. Mari Jiwe Macabe is DC’s newest transplant to the solo realm of cartoons and live action. You will  notice in the episode I add a very foreign twist to her last name pronunciation. Creative License is a wonderful thing. With a bombshell like Megalyn Echikunwoke (I’m not even going to pretend like I know how to say that name) playing the CW’s live action version, you know DC is backing this hero hard.

In my quest to find out more about Mari, a question hit me. What would she do with her powers once she was done super powering? So I give you:

Top 6 Post-Hero careers for Vixen

What can you look forward to in this episode? Here is a quick rundown:

+ The legend of the Tantu Totem, as told my SB

+ Top 6 Post-Hero Carers on “The Variant Cover

+ Very informative ramblings about Rhinos and dragons

+ Creative license as mentioned above

+ No clear resolution to any problem

Doesn’t that sound like a romping good time? Alexa can be heard at one point. Who is Alexa you ask? Did you not watch the Super Bowl commercials? There are surprises at every turn!




Vixen Show Notes:

Episode Length: 31:30 mins

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Forge Theme: “Strength & Iron”

End Theme: “Victory in flight!”

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