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Continuing our Obviously Black series, here are seven more totally Black pop culture characters.


Time for another edition of Obviously Black. We expand out list of pop culture characters that aren’t Black, but are obviously suppose to be. Be it their look, voice, or general vibe, these off-color Black folks are to be embraced and celebrated.

Zavala – Destiny franchise

Zavala is among the many powerful Black leaders in the space opera video game Destiny 2. Coupled with the voice of the late Lance Reddick and newly hired Keith David, Zavala exudes the vibe of a stern, loving father figure for the eternal powerhouses known as Guardians.

Javik – Mass Effect 3

Javik, voiced by Ikechukwu Prince Amadi, a Nigerian actor, is the last surviving Prothean in the Mass Effect series. You get him too late in the series, given how precious his insights are to the world of Mass Effect and the battle with the Reapers. Not to mention his commanding presence, intense vocals, and complete and utter contempt for most of the party.

Powerline: A Goody Movie

There is no doubt that Tevin Campbell, a.k.a Powerline, is an homage to Black R&B stars. I mean, the dog made bops. I2I and Stand Out are top contenders for the greatest songs in animated history and remain incredible stand-alone R&B songs to date. Powerline is a vibe, putting on laser shows and proving Goofy can stay on beat.

Weezie Big City Greens

Weezie Eastman is a young blue man in Big City on the show Big City Greens. Change that skin town to brown, and you will recognize him as the cool Black kid in every city. He’s the calm wavelength everyone tries to get on. Weezie is the kid you want to be your friend but can never tell how cool you are with him because he is cool like that with everyone. Growing up, I knew many kids who fit that profile, and this helped me identify Mr. Eastman as one with the culture. That and the lips+fade combo. C’mon, son.

Sonic The Hedgehog

I saw an Instagram post inviting Sonic and his pals to the cookout. The internet claims Sonic is a nerdy Black kid, and now I can’t unsee it. He instantly reminded me of a buddy of mine I had as a child—a very quick, very short kid named Irving who loved sneakers and could never be caught. THe internet claims Tails is a Black theater kid, Knuckles is the joock, and Shadow is the kid from the projects who tries to be tough but enjoys his straight-laced buddies. I’m here for it.

Donatello – The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

We already covered why I identify with the Turtles. Over the years, my favorite turtle has changed, used based around my perspectives on life. WHen I was a child, I loved Raph because he was the Bart Simpson of the group. Rebellious and cool. THese days, I’m a DOnie guy. Smarts and nerdy pursuits all day long. As for the Turtles being Black, I will put it briefly. They were four extremely broke brothers living in New York City with their single father. They yearned to be accepted by everyone else because they looked different and were obsessed with karate. If that’s not a group of Black nerds, what is?

Goliath: Gargoyles

Keith David really is the voice of a lot of our childhoods, eh? Goliath, leader of the titular Gargoyles has a lot of Zavala vibes. Stern, stoic, regal, compassionate, and can spring to action when needed. Couple that with the voice of Spawn and you have yourself a Black avatar.

I will be perfectly honest with you. I never watched Gargoyles. I actively avoided this show when it came on. I can’t exactly tell you why but it just didn’t appeal to me. When Disney Plus launched I started the first episode and instantly got the same vibe off the Gargoyles as I did from the Turtles. I group of outcasts hiding from the citizens of the city, just trying to exist. And occasionally save the world. That’s Black folks.

That’s all for this list. Who did I miss? Let me know and stay tuned for more Obviously Black from Super. Black. Subscribe to the podcast on YouTube and share it with a friend or two.

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