Vagrant Queen Vol 1


We kick off our new season with Vagrant Queen Vol 1. It has a new SyFy series coming March 27th, 2020 so let's dissect the graphic novel.


We kick off our new season of Super. Black. with Vagrant Queen Vol 1. It has a new SyFy series coming March 27th, 2020 so let’s dissect the graphic novel.

Join Carl and Dan as they recount their time with Vagrant Queen Vol 1 and their takeaway from this independent comic’s success.

A retrospective on Vagrant Queen Vol 1

Liquor makes things complicated

Read this section after you listen to the episode. I can’t stop you from reading ahead so spoilers for our thoughts on the book ahead.

I went back and attempted to finish Vagrant Queen Vol 1 after Dan and I recorded and I ended up skimming through it pretty hard. The same issues we covered during the episode persisted and left me feeling uninterested all over again. There’s a mind-control device in play and Elida is the scion of a tyrannical group of power-hungry rulers.

I feel woefully disconnected from the story. I missed a huge chunk of the story while trying to keep up, which is partly my fault. Mostly my fault? The SyFy series aims to bring this galaxy to life. I remain interested in where the live-action version will take the series.

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