The Plainsmen Episode

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The Plainsmen Episode

After a long day or recording, Carl and Dan sat down to speak a little nerd to one another. This episode, we craft a new super team to join the Kingsmen and Statesmen in the Kingsmen 2 Universe.

After Watching Kingsmen 2 and thoroughly enjoying it, I found myself wondering what a group from Africa would look like in that universe. I arbitrarily threw out the name “The Plainsmen” and stopped thinking about it.

Kingsmen 2 helps us spawn The Plainsmen

Today, Dan and I unpack that special title The Plainsmen and see where it leads. The nerd hole is deep on this one and we come out the other end feeling pretty good about ourselves.

"The Plainsmen" by Daniel J. O'Brien

Kingsmen 2 helps us spawn “The Plainsmen” Art by Daniel J. O’Brien

Show Notes:

Episode Length: 26:00 mins

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Forge Theme: “Strength & Iron”

End Theme: “Victory in flight!”

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