Jefferson Twilight: Top 6 Black Monsters

Mar 3, 2016 | Podcast

Jefferson Twilight: Blackula Hunter

Man, I specialize in hunting black vampires, I don’t know what the P.C. name for that is!

Jefferson Twilight

Introducing Jefferson Twilight, one of the most original derivative characters ever conceived. You can find him on one of the finest animated shows ever made, Venture Bros. There is no shortage of unique personalities on that show and Jefferson Twilight does not disappoint. His name and aura dutifully harken back to 1970’s blaxploitation; his profession is so specific he could have his own A&E reality series. J.T. was a clear choice for a spotlight on Super. Black.

Blackula – A black vampire. Not interchangeable with an African American vampire, which would only reside in the U.S, blackula’s can be found all over the world.

Credit: Adult Swim A French Quarters Blackula. You're Welcome.
Credit: Adult Swim
A French Quarters Blackula. You’re Welcome.

The Jefferson Affectation

Quote: “I have talked to you in like 16 years, you suddenly show up and rescue my. What gives? You rescued my…situation. *look of failure”

Credit: Adult Swim Maybe Next Time Jeff
Credit: Adult Swim
Maybe Next Time Jeff

Quote: “I like this guy. He’s all fulluh…beans. An’ ants. Fire ants!” – J.T.

Credit: Adult Swim Nailed it! Look at that joy!
Credit: Adult Swim
Nailed it!

The Variant Cover

Inspired by Mr. Twilight, I bring to you the Top 6 Black Monsters. Be sure to listen to the second half of the podcast (The Variant Cover) for the full verbal breakdown. You will find the list below, in no particular order.


Credit: Crypticrock Candyman
Credit: Crypticrock

First original black monster. Go figure.


Credit: Aintitcool Blackula
Credit: Aintitcool

Let’s be honest, this is the best name for a monster, no?




The actual poster of this movie is a lady screaming with her breasts exposed. 70’s.


Dr. Black & Mr. Hyde


A black man who’s devilish alter ego is a pale-faced monster. Hmm.


Michael Jackson from Thriller

Credit: Youtube Thriller Jackson
Credit: Youtube
Thriller Jackson

If that bastard’s eyes didn’t scare the hell out of you during that bonkers transformation during the “Thriller” video you are dead inside.


Anything Marlon Waynes has done in the past 20 years

Credit: Youtube Marlon Waynes
Credit: Youtube
Marlon Waynes

Probably the scariest stuff I have seen since birth. No exaggeration. I mean look at that picture. LOOK AT IT!

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