PROTOTYPE 2 James Heller

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PROTOTYPE 2 James Heller

How to be the worst hero ever? Be the Prototype and Kill & absorb everything in sight!

The ramp-up from Prototype 2 gave us a very somber look at the would-be hero, James Heller. I, to this day, consider this one of the best video game commercials out there. It really gets you going. Hits you right in the feels. By the end, you want to kill Alex Mercer by absorbing his flesh and bones while basking in his wails and cries of sorrow and pain too.

Then the game came out. The James Heller in the commercial was nowhere to be found. Instead, we were treated to a surly, hard to like version of the one time sympathy case. Hearing James grumble and curse his way through all the murder and mayhem was a slog. The game was enjoyable enough, despite the character. The one true jump from the commercial to the game was James Heller starts out as a sympathetic character but quickly becomes and anti-hero / villain. Why? Because he murders EV’RYONE!!!

Granted, a lot of that murder is on you. You hold the controller, you clicked the button. You are the terrible person absorbing all those innocent…delicious people *ahem* but you can’t excuse the way Heller reacts to all of it. He isn’t very remorseful. He’s just super flippin’ angry.

James Heller pre-Prototype
“…and then he got really P.O’ed. Like, more than usual.”


Go play Prototype 2. It truly is a fun game and you can probably find it double cheap. I got it for free during a PS Plus giveaway, which was the perfect price. Also, James Heller would make for a very great Halloween costume. Because he is terrifying. And you can cuss and scream at strangers and claim you are in character.

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