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King Fu

Inspiration can strike at any moment. You have to be open to the possibility of a great idea spawning from anything. Especially a weird misspelling or an autocorrect. That is the origins of our first entry into the SBU (Super. Black. Universe), King Fu!

Creating King Fu: The byproduct of poor spelling

I frequently spout my random movie or comic ideas to friends and family, rather than bother strangers with them. During a Google Hangouts check-in with a buddy, he shared an animated trailer for a concept called Master by Steamroller Studios. You can view it below.

A gorgeous trailer of a young woman named Olivia who displays incredible martial arts prowess and a set of latent superpowers. My buddy and I chatted about the trailer and what we would like to see in the actual movie (less superpowers, more emphasis on martial arts). During my reckless typing of ideas I misspelled kung fu, typing out king fu in the process. I immediately clocked my mistake and my brain took off in a totally different direction. Here is our actual exchange:

It’s more of a superhero thing than a king fu thing

King Fu

That’s a dope name for something

That’s the title of my fan made sequel to Last Dragon. Boom.

Actually that is a dope name

I know, I just said it was dope. Pay attention

Let’s see…

A conversation between me and a friend

King Fu: The Ballad of B.B. Green

King Fu Poster Mock

It’s been 20 years since Sho’ ‘Nuff was defeated at the hands of the Kung Fu master Leroy Green. Bruce Leroy’s triumph brought peace to a once chaotic Brooklyn. He used his newfound Glow to protect Brooklyn and all its inhabitants. But The Glow wasn’t the malevolent force Bruce Leroy believed it to be. Over the years, The Glow corrupted the once merciful Kung Fu master, making him petty, tyrannical, and thirsty for power. In his misguided pursuit of dominance, Leroy Green, now dubbed King Fu, and his cabal of highly-trained enforcers have quarantined a section of Brooklyn dubbed “The New Republic of Shaolin”. Using his family’s pizza place as a base of operations, Leroy has created his own personal Kung Fu kingdom. There is no match for Bruce Leroy’s Glow, which he bestows upon his henchmen, with devastating results.

Meanwhile, Leroy’s grand-niece Briana Green is a whip-smart teen and a Kung Fu prodigy to boot. When her great uncle takes over Brooklyn, B.B. embarks on a quest to infiltrate the sovereign city and try to reason with her blood. B.B. must wrestle with her lineage, her connection to The Glow, and try to bring her great uncle back from the brink. Can she save Leroy’s soul from The Glow? What’s this new power she feels growing inside her? Find out in King Fu: The Ballad of B.B. Green

The Kung Fu master Bruce Leroy has taken over a small section of Brooklyn and quarantined it. It’s up to his grandniece to infiltrate New Brooklyn and take on her great uncle and end his reign of Kung Fu treachery. it can be a Neo Blaxploitation outing. Retrofuturism coated in funk. A Retrofunkturism, if you will.

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