Holy shit, there’s a Black Batman…

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Holy shit, there’s a Black Batman…

Tim Fox, son of Lucius and brother to Luke, is the new Batman. DC’s Future State line will introduce the first Black Batman.

Let that sink in.

Not a Robin like Signal, or a side character like Batwing. Tim Fox will don Bruce Waynes cape and cowl for a new era of Batman.

A Black Batman just makes sense

Variant Cover. Look ma! A Black Batman!

Let’s face it, if there was anyone who would resort to extraordinary means to seek justice, we can all agree it would be a Black person. This just makes sense to me. Perhaps they will write in Signal to the story as Tim’s Robin and a Black Batgirl and get the full complement of Black bats.

I can’t speak to how well this book will be written, but the writer is 12 Years a Slave screenwriter John Ridley, who was tapped to write The Other History of the DC Universe. That’s a pedigree.

Future State is scheduled to run from January through February of 2021. Via IGN

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