Hey Street Fighter 6, Where’s Balrog?


Balrog is missing from Street Fighter 6 and I want to know why.


Hey Street Fighter 6, where's Balrog?

I am terrible at fighting games, but that has never stopped me from buying one. I currently own Street Fighter 6 and have played it a grand total of three times since its release. That being said, I am invested in the game. But I have a question for you Capcom. Where is Balrog?

Playing as Black characters

These days I have precious few moments to play and enjoy video games. When I do, I would like to play as a Black character. I make exceptions, of course, but I lean towards games where I can play as, or at the very least control, a Black character. For example, Barrett is not the lead of Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth, but he is a prominent character that I can take control of. So I am on board. It helps that Final Fantasy 7 is one of my favorite games of all time.

Being Balrog

Balrog in Street Fighter 5

Anyway, as I enjoyed Street Fighter 6, the few times I played, I kept wondering where big Balrog was hiding. He isn’t in the base game and has not been announced for any DLC packs at the time of this writing. That struck me as strange given his tenure as a classic figure in the Street Fighter franchise. When it comes to the Mike Tyson-inspired boxer and Street Fighter, they go hand-in-hand. Basically, Balrog’s absence is noted and confusing. Why leave him out, ditto for Vega? These fellas are staples of the fighting game genre.

I often fantasize about streaming Street Fighter, playing as Balrog, dominating the competition. It’s a strange, sad, rather pointless fantasy, but I’ve had it. Everything is content, right? Without the big man, who am I going to take control of in Street Fighter 6 now? Lily? Dee Jay? Kimberly? I am awful with all of them. Am I good with Balrog? Hell no. But I grew up with that dude and who doesn’t love him screaming “MY FIGHT MONEY!” Just look at that trailer above. Are you telling me no one wants to play as the big man? I highly doubt that.

As a side note, who would win, Steve from Tekken or Balrog from Street Fighter? Let me know.

Give me Balrog

Capcom, give me Balrog. If you promise to add him to the game, I promise to go back and play so the teeming masses of Street Fighter 6 players have a punching back they can practice on. Or not. I don’t really have the time to play, but come on. Who can say no to this face:

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