Great hip hop remixes in trailers

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Great hip hop remixes in trailers

Every once in awhile your favorite songs are turned into kickin’ remixes way better than you expected. For every bad, cobbled together mash-up there is a Jay Z & Linkin Park Numb.

A recent trend has very awesome hip hop remixes showing up in gaming and movie trailers. There are certainly a ton but here are three of my very favorite. What should go on this list? Comment below!

LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out Remix – Call Of Duty Warzone

He’s gonna knock you out…

Converting LL Cool J’s already bumping track into a backdrop for Battle Royale carnage was a great choice. Then the composer kicked it up a notch and did a bit of mixing to the song. The moment where all the players are diving out of the plane followed by red trails is my personal favorite. I’m. Gonna. Knock. You. OUT!

Of the game.

Destiny Child’s Say My Name Remix – Candyman Trailer

Go ahead…say his name.

Jordan Peele is making a career out of not only black-led horror films but high-quality trailers with amazing remixes. If you told me someone would make Say My Name into a horror theme, I would have said: “who cares.” But now that it’s happened, I can’t imagine that song any other way.

LUNIZ I Got Five On It – Us Trailer

Creep on in…

The original (for me) was the trippy I Got Five On It remix in the Us trailer. I loved it so much I added that specific version to my Spotify playlist. Every so often, when we had company, I would slip into another room and have my Amazon Alexa play this song. More than once did it bug out my guests and delight me.

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