Creatures of Ava coming to Xbox


New game starring a Black protagonist is on he horizon. Creatures of Ava is set to release in 2024 on Xbox and PC.


The Xbox Partner program revealed a new game featuring a Black protagonist. Creatures of Ava tasks you with helping creatures escape from a rapidly growing infection on the planet Ava. You play as the human explorer and Creature Saver Vic, sent to the planet Ava to rescue everyone before an upcoming catastrophe sends things haywire.

To rescue them, you’ll need to ditch all technology and immerse yourself in the customs of the indigenous people of Ava. These natives have a profound spiritual bond with their planet and its inhabitants, with music serving as their primary mode of communication. You’ll need to master the traditional flute of the Ava natives, blending your melodies with the rhythm of the land.

You’ll need to utilize flute skills to interact with Ava’s creatures. Vic can call on creatures to help solve puzzles intertwined with Ava’s landscapes and natural elements. By replicating the creatures’ melodies on your flute, you’ll earn their trust, enabling you to connect with them and perceive the world through their eyes. This connection empowers you to guide and utilize the creatures’ distinctive traits and abilities to engage with various aspects of the environment.

Black Girl Magic

I love a game led by a Black protagonist. I tuned into the live stream just as Creatures of Ava came on, and I instantly got “The Gunk” vibes, which is not bad. Creatures of Ava releases sometime in 2024. Check it out on Steam or Xbox.

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