Blackula – Book Club 03/03/23

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Blackula – Book Club 03/03/23

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It’s Time! The Super. Black. Book Club is finally here and we are kicking it off with Blackula!

The Super. Black. Book Club features books written by or starring Black protagonists. Here are the specifics. Pick up the book. Then, return to Super. Black. 2 weeks later (you have some time to read) and participate in our live discussion on Youtube. Rinse and repeat.

If you’d like to submit a book for the club, use our contact page and title the subject “SB Book Club Submission.”

Book Club #1: Blackula: Return of the King

Blackula: Return of the King

Blackula: Return of the King by Rodney Barnes and Jason Shawn Alexander follows the legendary vampire on a brand new quest in modern day LA. We are going to read it and talk about all its nooks and cranys.

We will have our open discussion on March 17, during a live Youtube stream. Come prepared with annecdotes, questions, comments, observations, and memories of the original Blackula. We will also announce the next book in the series and get a feel for this who thing. We will have a Discord server for more open discussions on the next Book Club!

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