Black at Bungie is a thing and I am intrigued.

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Black at Bungie is a thing and I am intrigued.

Bungie, the Creator of Destiny and the original Halo series has started an initiative called Black At Bungie. It’s an Inclusion Club created to support, celebrate and uplift the Black voices at the company. I am intrigued.

“Earlier this year, the first Inclusion Club – Black at Bungie – was formed. With the goal of celebrating and uplifting Black employees at the studio, the Black at Bungie Inclusion Club has been on the vanguard of not only setting an example of what Inclusion Clubs can be for Bungie employees, but also helping to facilitate and navigate vital conversations during a pivotal moment in modern society. “


The Zanguard is Black and in charge.

I love Destiny. There is an entire write up of how many of the prominent leaders in the Destiny Universe are Black. I run a parents-only group dedicated to the game. It’s the only game I play religiously and without a hint of stopping. My daughter calls it my “baby game” because she is an asshole. SHE PLAYS THE BABY GAMES! Hotel Transylvania? That takes 0 skill. Try killing Praksis with Season of the Arrivals gear little girl. Then we will see what’s a baby game!

I digress.

The fact is I support Bungie and their quest for inclusion. The goal is to not need clubs like these and just have inclusion, representation, and equality be the norm. Sadly, we have not yet reached that step as a society (2020, am I right?) so we group up and amplify our voices. It is nice to see that the company I support with my time and money are making an effort to support their Black and brown employees. I will rock my BLM Bungie pin proudly.

Support Bungie & Super. Black.

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