New Jordan Peele led Candyman movie is coming for you

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New Jordan Peele led Candyman movie is coming for you

Say Candyman...

A new Candyman is crowned

Jordan Peele’s new Candyman film is coming for you. Starring Watchman’s own Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as the titular monster man. Watch the trailer below.

Director Jordan Peele is carving a beautiful niche out of the industry. Black horror films with black horror monsters. This new take on a classic horror film franchise is just another step in his industry dominance.

Peele is feeding a starving market. People looking for black horror monsters. Talk about a unique market. He currently owns it and when his monopoly is challenged by other creative black writers and directors, we will all benefit. Represent!

Original article:
Candyman is a horror film from the 90’s with a unique twist. The horror villain is a black man. Another unique twist is I had never seen it before today. I was not a fan of horror films growing up so my knowledge of monster villains was limited. When I told Super. Black. co-host Dan that I had never seen the movie, he chastised me and told me I needed to watch it. So here we are. Halloween 2019. I have watched the movie (which is currently streaming on Netflix as of this writing) and it’s not bad. *Mild spoilers ahead

What I expected

Candyman is everywhere
Candyman is everywhere

I came into the film thinking it would be like every other slasher film. My experience with old monster horror films tend to lean toward the predictable. You can pick out the victims the moment they appear on screen. Thankfully I went in with little to no idea what the movie was about.

What I got

…C’mon man.

Whatever the hell you see above. That movie was weird man. Enjoyable but I could not make heads or tails of why anything was happening on screen. It was easy to pick out the victims as many folks do. Bernadette batted her eyes at that freshman and sealed her fate. I also guessed Helen would be her downfall.

The film is full of unsettling imagery. Bees in a chest cavity, a young boy with his groin ripped out. But nothing was more unsettling than my daughter walking in on this:


She didn’t react. She turned to me, giggled and said “He’s silly”. She’s 3. *shivers*

Should you watch Candyman?

Sure, why not. It’s an entertaining enough romp with a unique villain. The story also takes turns I didn’t expect and left me a little surprised. Especially with how they treat the main protagonist (Oh, Helen…). Go watch and let’s support black movie monsters. And don’t forget to watch the upcoming remake by Jordan Peele.

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