Massacre of Black Wall Street Comic by HBO & The Atlantic

Nov 27, 2019 | Features

HBO and the Atlantic have teamed up to create a digital comic focused on the massacre of Black Wall Street. Dubbed The Massacre of Black Wall Street, the comic retells the story of the Tulsa Oklahoma neighborhood Greedwood. A prosperous collective of black-owned homes and businesses. In 1921, white rioters stormed Greenwood, killed over 300 residents, left more homeless and ransacked the neighborhood.

The new HBO series Watchmen revolves around the fallout from that horrific day. The comic is a collaboration between HBO and The Atlantic with writing by Natalie Chang, Illustration by Clayton Henry and colored by Marcelo Maiolo.

Massacre of Black Wall Street:
Massacre of Black Wall Street:
Writing: Natalie Chang / Illustration: Clayton Henry / Colorist: Marcelo Maiolo

Check out the comic here.

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