Kofi Kingston gets another shot at the WWE Championship. Finally.

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Kofi Kingston gets another shot at the WWE Championship. Finally.

Kofi Kingston - via WWE.com
Kofi Kingston wins the WWE Championship in 2019

Kofi made history becoming the first African-born WWE Champion in history back in April 2019. 11 years in the making. What a fantastic win that was for all of us looking for representation. Now you ask, how did Kofi Kingston lose the WWE Championship? 180 days later, Brock Lesnar took the title in the squashiest of squash matches. 11 years in the making, 8 seconds for the taking. Since then, Kofi has been competing in the Tag Team scene with his New Day brothers and has yet to receive a title rematch. or even recognition that he was ever a WWE Heavyweight Champ. The February 15th edition of Raw saw Kofi send out an S.O.S. and get another title shot.

Kofi mania running wild again?

WWE’s Elimination Chamber 2021 is going down on February 21st. Kofi Kingston has another shot at the WWE title, taking on five other fellas, including current champ Drew McIntyre. Granted, it is an uphill battle, but we have seen Kofi come out of an Elimination Chamber on top, even if he didn’t win.

Kofi Kingston making a statement

Like Daniel Bryan before him, Kofi doesn’t fit Vince McMahon’s template for a WWE Champion the way Brock or Drew does. Kofi is a quick, lithe competitor who uses acrobatics to subdue his opponents and secures the win. He doesn’t look like the hulking mammoths who normally hold the title. He looks like your neighbor or the buddy who you hop on to play some Madden with. That’s his appeal. You want him to succeed because every odd is against him. After a year without retribution (not the terrible faction), it’s time Kofi got another shot at the strap.

Kofi Kingston – Two-Time Champ?

Kofi Kingston - via WWE.com
Kofi Kingston – via WWE.com

Here’s hoping Kofi gets to rock the title once more. With WWE’s (warranted) love of McIntyre, I don’t see it happening right now. Acknowledging Kofi’s championship run and putting him in the big title mix once again is the bare minimum WWE can do. Next, let’s get Kofi in a rematch with Brock and squash him in 7 secs. It’s only fair, WWE. Who am I kidding, since when has WWE been fair?

Super. Black. Wrasslin’

The New Day - WWE 2k Series
The New Day – WWE 2k Series

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