The Carnival Prince: When The Robber Calls Release Date Announced

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The Carnival Prince: When The Robber Calls Release Date Announced

The Carnival Prince Release Date here!

Dan even animated the book. What a champ!

The Carnival Prince release date has arrived! Dan O’Brien is ready to release his passion project, The Carnival Prince When The Robber Calls. View the announcement video above. The Carnival Prince releases December 5th, 2017! We (and by we, I mean me) interviewed Dan about his upcoming book in the podcast below. It was a bit of a surprise so his candid thoughts are authentic and insightful. Please enjoy and tell a friend.

Come join the boy with the stubby antlers, as he explores and frolics through Trinidad and Tobago. He will befriend animals and ancient mythical creatures alike. Such friendships will be called to task as they try to save the Carnival season for everyone. Perhaps the clever, yet anxious boy will find his way in the modern world in the process.

The Carnival Prince release date
The Carnival Prince

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