8 Franchises That Can Capitalize on Black Panther’s Success

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8 Franchises That Can Capitalize on Black Panther’s Success

With the new Marvel Black Panther film set to break records domestically, there is a lot of African love swirling around this great nation of ours. Coming off Black Panther’s amazing opening, making over $200 million dollars, studios are going to want a piece of that action. Let’s take a look at some properties that could benefit.

Black Panther – Dora Milaje spin-off

Mistress Zola welcoming a new crop of potential Dora Milaje

Mistress Zola welcoming a new crop of potential Dora Milaje

Little girls around the world now know of the power of the Dora Milaje. A smart thing for Marvel to do is to explore the Adored Ones further. Whether that’s an Agents of SHIELD style Netflix show or its own film, the Dora Milaje have proven they are loved worldwide.



Richard Roundtree personified cool death in the original Shaft film series. Samuel L. Jackson picked up the baton in the 2000 remake of the titular character. Rumors of a second reboot featuring Michal B. Jordan as Shaft’s son have surfaced. It could only benefit from the millions of black dollars that will pump into Black Panther. With MJ as the lead villain Killmonger, the film could be greenlit off the back of two prominent black Marvel characters, Nick Fury and Killmonger.


Shaka Zulu

Here is everyone’s favorite mean-mugging African warrior the world knew and feared. Shaka kaSenzangakhona a.k.a Shaka Zulu was a real African monarch is the early1800s. A miniseries based on the man life and accomplishments were made way back in 1986. The retelling of Shaka Zulu’s story as a Game of Thrones style series could be a graphic, bloody look at a real African nation. Not to mention Afrika Bambaataa would get a kick out of it.


Foxy Brown

The original black power woman. Foxy Brown has been out of the public eye for decades. The incomparable Pam Grier crafted a sexy, powerful woman in the 70’s. It may be time to bring this character back. With strong black women emerging in Hollywood like Tessa Thomson or Regina Hall, a new version of Pam Grier’s super badass proxy could be ready to reemerge.


Dr. Who

DOCTOR WHO BR 2008 DAVID TENNANT as the Doctor DOCTOR WHO BR 2008 DAVID TENNANT as the Doctor Date 2008, Photo by: Mary Evans/Ronald Grant/Everett Collection(10395694)

It may be time to start talking about the first black Dr. Who once again. As we bear witness to the first female Doctor tearing ass through space, a black doctor may not be far behind. People have been campaigning for Idris Elba to pick up the sonic screwdriver and dismantle some Darlics. While that may be far off, a new black Doctor Who could draw in a larger black audience. I know it would make our own Daniel O’Brien happy.


Bad Boys

Update: It’s all but confirmed that Bad Boys 3 is going to be made. Hooray

Don’t you think it’s about time things got real once again? Bad Boys was a 90’s black buddy cop movie that turned into a ridiculous explosion fest by popular crazy exploder Michal Bay. Lead by the untouchable Will Smith and the very touchable MartinLawrence, Bad Boys is a staple in any action movie lovers stable of films. The long-gestating Bad Boys 3 may find new life as people recognize how much money the black community is willing to throw at an awesome property. Black Panther did make $202 mil opening weekend after all.



The original Marvel Cinematic superhero, Blade paved the way for all the movies you love today. Wesley Snipes glowered his way into the hearts and minds of fans with the early entries of the Blade franchise. All the talk of Black Panther being the first black-led Marvel superhero film rightfully brought blade into the conversation. Recently, Mr. Joe Rogan himself called for Marvel to bring back the Marvel black Vampire franchise starring Mr. Snipes himself. If that’s not enough to get the ball moving I don’t know what is.


Beverly Hills Cop

Who doesn’t love a good Eddie Murphy property? Beverly Hills Cop is a quintessential 80’s cop comedy starring the behemoth known as Murphy. Recently, talks were in place to get a new entry in the film franchise and TV show going. This new love of black properties could bring either back to life. With Brandon Jackson on board to play Axel Foley’s hot-headed son, the TV series has the opportunity to become a reality. In a world where Rush Hour and Training Day both had a short-lived series. Not to mention Lethal Weapon starring Damon Waynes for some strange reason (it works, I love that show).



Black Dynamite

Looks like we will be blessed with a new chapter in the Black Dynamite story. A popular series from martial artist and actor Michael Jai White, Black Dynamite has managed to survive through its short-lived animated series, and becoming a cult classic. As Black Panther crushed the box office with its earnest look at an advanced African nature, Black Dynamite can fill the retro comedy panel.


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