5 Black Superhero TV Shows That Need To Happen Now

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5 Black Superhero TV Shows That Need To Happen Now

Now that the Luke Cage series is no more, there is a black superhero power vacuum. The only remedy is a new crop of black superhero TV shows. As Disney transitions its properties to its own streaming service sometime in 2019, Netflix will find itself devoid of many nerdy viewing options.

That is, outside of creating their own superheroes, which is a possibility. Perhaps it’s time to option some new heroes. Ones not attached to Marvel or DC. Here are a few options for you Netflix (or future streaming service). I’ve done the hard part, time to go out and score some heroes.


Elena Abbott is the chain-smoking, tabloid journalist on the hunt for a murderer in this wonderfully written series. Abbott is an occult-focused series, following titular character Elena as she tracks down murder suspects. It has all the makings of a great horror procedural. Where is HBO when you need it?

Quantum and Woody

Quantum and Woody - Super. Black.
Quantum and Woody – Super. Black.

The brother due of Quantum and Woody are a comedic look at two men who probably shouldn’t be heroes. Produced by Valiant Entertainment, this odd couple take on superhero antics and family drama could be a great shot in the arm for live action heroics. Looks like TBS is in the Quantum and Woody business, having announced a show back in 2017.

Patience Lee

Patience Lee - Super. Black.
Patience Lee – Super. Black.

Kick-Ass was a smash hit in both comic and movie form. The new incarnation featuring veteran Patience Lee is a great take on the character. It focuses on a mother looking to provide for her family in the most Robin Hood fashion she could muster. Put on a s S.C.U.B.A suit and steal from rich criminals to give to the community (and herself of course).

Chuck Fairlane

Chuck Fairlane - Super. Black.
Chuck Fairlane – Super. Black.

“Fearless” Chuck Fairlane of Ready, Set, Fight! defends the weak from the forces of renegade mascots. If that sentence doesn’t get you pumped, I don’t know if writing is my thing. Who wouldn’t want to watch a retired Jim Brown type character beat up giant, tough Football mascots from week to week? Hell, let me write this show, I’ll make you love the idea.

Bitter Root

Go read Bitter Root if you haven’t already.

This is a bit of a cheat since Bitter Root has been optioned as a live-action film. I would still love a serialized monster hunting series a-la Supernatural featuring the Bitter Root characters. There simply aren’t enough monster hunters who are black.

Your black superhero TV shows

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