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    May 8, 2020

    The Terrifics Vol 1

    The Terrifics Vol 1 is our focus in this episode. A crazy team-up between Mr. Terrific(The third smartest person in the world), Phantom Girl, Metamorpho, and Plastic Man. DC’s version […]
    May 1, 2020

    Skyward Vol 1

    Image Comics brings us Skyward Vol 1 for today’s episode. Join us as we discuss this unique coming-of-age story of Willa Fowler. he girl who owns the sky. Skyward Vol […]
    April 24, 2020

    Outer Darkness Vol 1

    Super. Black. Reads. That has a nice ring to it, right? Today’s episode centers around space horror comic series Outer Darkness. Both Volume one and two are on sale now. […]


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